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1. To call my husband daddy (still can’t believe I do this. Awful)

2. To answer to mummy from my husband (again, awful)

3. To have misbehaved children

4. To let them eat anything other than homemade food made from organic produce

5. To let them play with anything other than quality-made wooden toys

6. To use chocolate/crisps/unhealthy stuff as bribes

7. To let them watch cartoons

8. To let them watch cartoons whilst eating

9. To let them use iPads, iPhones and other adult electronic devices

10. To have ridiculous names for body parts 

11. To allow them to sleep in our bed

12. To buy plastic tat to keep them quiet

13. To post pictures of them on social media

14. To ever refer to them on Facebook

15. To write a mum blog

16. To aspire to own a whole range of lounge wear

17. To parent (loudly) in public places

18. To talk to friends at length about my children

19. To analyse baby poo for signs of illness

20. To be generally neurotic about their health and development

21. To let having children affect my social life

22. To let having children affect my career

23. To let having children influence my fashion choices

24. To give in to whining/nagging

25. To use the phrase ‘me time’

I’m sure there’s more but that list is depressing enough as it stands for now. Add yours in the comment boxes below.