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Take supplements but not if you’re taking antidepressants. Supplements aren’t proven to work but they can interfere with antidepressants (despite not working).

Keep yourself busy but remember to find time to relax. Look after yourself first and then dedicate your time to others, volunteer.

Find God. Find yourself.

Cut out dairy. Cut out meat. Cut out gluten. Eat melted cheese. Eat more potatoes. Eat more meat. Sugar is evil. Remember to treat yourself to cake.

Delve into your past to get to the root of your problems. Then forget the past, move forward, concentrate on the future.

You can work it out, never give up - although never forget that acceptance is key.

Routine, routine, routine. Routine can solve many ills - going with the flow is also helpful.

Cut out all alcohol. A bit of what you fancy does you good though - and a glass of wine never harmed anyone.

Enjoy the here and now but always make plans. It’s imperative to have things to look forward to. Push yourself but don’t expect too much of yourself.

Think positive but if you do think negatively don’t fight the feeling.

Fake it until you make it and be yourself - at all times.

Find a hobby. Be still. Keep active. Exercise. Relax. Yoga. Meditate.

Think of the big picture. Don’t think too much though, just about the things you can control. In fact it’s probably best not to think as you are not your thoughts - except when you are your thoughts. When they are good thoughts you are your thoughts but negative thoughts aren’t you. Ignore them. Become the watcher of your thoughts. Observe them.

Don’t spend time alone but set aside 15 minutes each day to spend time alone. Have ‘me’ time.

Get out into the world except when visualising your safe place - then you must forget the outside world and retreat into your safe place.

Allow yourself time to heal. Time is a healer. Let time pass. Don’t forget though that time is of the essence and you must enjoy every moment. Believe in the power of now.

Pass your fears to God, he has the answer. You have the answer though, you always have.

Massage. Reiki. Aromatherapy. Homeopathy. Herbal tea.

A problem shared is a problem halved: talk it out. But be dignified; if you’re going through hell keep going. Be strong. Be brave. Survive.

Hope that helps.